Preventive Dentistry

Dentists take every possible measure to help you get rid of your oral conditions. Along with the various treatment options that we offer, a special branch of dentistry is dedicated to the prevention of oral conditions even before they occur. It is called preventive dentistry and includes procedures such as oral cancer screening, sealants, Fluoride treatment, oral prophylaxis, etc.

Preventive dentistry allows dentists to keep their patients informed and safe from the possible oral conditions that they could suffer from. We believe in taking precautionary measures even before a patient contracts an infection or sustains an injury.

Oral cleaning

Improper brushing and excessive consumption of sugary foods could lead to the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth. They can lead to cavities and more importantly, gum diseases, which upsets one’s entire oral health. Hence, periodic oral cleaning sessions would be necessary to remove the tartar deposits from the teeth surfaces. We do this using dental procedures called scaling and root planing. A hand-held ultrasonic scaling device is used for this purpose.

Fluoride treatment

Children often develop cavities as they tend to eat a lot of sugary foods such as candies and chocolate. The microbes in the mouth feed on food debris, especially the sugar content. During this, they can release acids that erode the enamel and infect the gum tissues. To prevent this, the consumption of sugar should be limited and the teeth need to be strong enough to prevent decay. Fluoride is one such mineral that helps in this regard.

Usually, we get the required Fluoride supply to the body through drinking water and toothpaste we use. But, when this isn’t adequate, the teeth tend to become vulnerable to decay. Fluoride treatment is used to replenish the amount of Fluoride in the teeth by artificial means, thereby keeping them strong and safe from cavities.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer has claimed millions of lives and is one of the most serious oral conditions. Studies reveal that if the right treatment was given to patients suffering from oral cancer, the chances of it being contained at an earlier stage are higher. This also reduces the fatality rate of the disease. Hence, we suggest patients undergo periodic oral cancer screening tests as recommended by the dentist. In case you notice signs such as lumps, blisters, lesions, soft tissue discoloration, the release of pus, etc, consult a dentist immediately to get the condition diagnosed.

Dental sealants

Cavities are most often seen on the molars and premolars. This is due to the surface grooves that are present on the teeth as they can house a lot of microbes. Over a while, they become breeding grounds for microbes and lead to cavities. Hence, a foolproof method of avoiding this is to seal off the occlusal grooves. We use acrylic or ceramic sealants for this purpose which provide excellent sealing properties.

Along with these preventive measures, we may also suggest customized sports mouthguards, nighttime bruxism guards, gum disease evaluation, salivary diagnosis, screening of existing restorations, etc.

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