Porcelain Crowns in Panama City, FL

Anatomically, a dental crown is the top portion of a tooth that is covered by enamel. It is the part that is outside of the gum and is visible to us. But in dentistry, a dental crown is a prosthetic appliance used to entirely cover or ‘cap’ a damaged tooth. Unlike removable devices such as dentures, these are fixed to the teeth using dental adhesives and can only be implanted or removed by a dentist.

When are dental crowns recommended?

Some of the instances when dental crowns are recommended are:

Restoration of damaged teeth: A dental crown is suggested to restore the form, function, and appearance of a badly damaged tooth. The damage could have happened due to natural causes such as erosion of tooth enamel due to constant chewing of hard foods or accidental damage to the teeth such as fracture or chipping.

Large cavity and dental implants: In cases of a cavity that is too large for filling or has been treated multiple times, rendering the tooth prone to fracture or breaking, a crown is used instead. It is also used as a replacement tooth in combination with a dental implant.

Cosmetic treatments: Patients are also recommended dental crowns when they are interested in making their teeth aesthetically pleasing. In case a patient has teeth that are out of shape, spaced too far apart, chipped, worn out or simply not uniform, a dental crown would be the best treatment solution. With the ceramic or porcelain fabrication, they can get any contour of their choice.

What is the procedure like?

Since we use CEREC technology at our practice, all our ceramic crowns can be fabricated in a single day. We would visually screen the teeth to understand the severity of the condition. Next, it will be scanned using a hand-held scanning device. The data from this will be sent to a CAD/CAM machine. It starts milling out the crown from a small block of ceramic, and once done, the dentist retrieves it and makes certain fine changes to it. Photosensitive dental adhesives will be used to bond the restoration to the tooth, after which the adhesive will be hardened using a curing light.

After successful restoration, oral hygiene must be maintained to ensure its long life. With evolving technology, Computer-Aided Designing and Manufacturing are being applied for crown fabrication. This will not only reduce manual effort and time but also lower the chances of human error occurring in the fabrication process.

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