Align Your Teeth For A Healthier Smile With Invisalign®

Posted by DR. ERSOY on Oct 16 2019, 06:03 AM

Align Your Teeth For A Healthier Smile With Invisalign

If you are suffering from crooked teeth, you are not alone. Teeth misalignment is a common concern among many and could be the result of missing teeth (resulted from fractures, injuries, or accidents), unnecessary gaps, etc. Sometimes even though teeth may appear to be straight, they may not meet properly due to hidden malocclusions. Several years of clinical research have now led orthodontists to treat such issues of the teeth with Invisalign®. Not only do they help straighten teeth, but they also cosmetically enhance the smile by giving teeth a perfect and beautiful arch.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a set of custom aligners made out of thermoplastic material. They now stand as the most popular orthodontic appliance suggested by dentists all over the world to help straighten teeth.

What's attractive about Invisalign®;?

There are several features of Invisalign® that sets it apart from other orthodontic devices. Patients prefer Invisalign® because of its smooth and non-metallic nature. Below are the few attractive features of Invisalign® that you will like:

Transparency: The clear aligners are designed to look translucent and barely noticeable. This is definitely a good alternative to braces and retainers that look more apparent while in treatment.

Texture: Its smooth texture offers comfort at its best. Made out of BPA-free thermoplastic material, Invisalign® has a surface that is gentle to the mouth and lays neatly over the teeth surface. Patients find it easy to insert and remove their Invisalign® with zero hassle.

No diet restrictions: Its removable nature allows patients to drink and eat their favorite food without having to compromise on their diet during treatment.

Non-metallic nature: The metallic nature of orthodontic braces could make it quite difficult to wear and manage while in treatment. That's where Invisalign® comes into the role. Invisalign® is the only non-metallic orthodontic device that can help straighten your crooked smile.

Procedure To Get Invisalign®

The process involves getting custom-built aligners to straighten your teeth. Custom-aligners are designed by using impressions of the patient's teeth. The dentist would take necessary X-rays of the patient's oral cavity to design a treatment plan. Based on your treatment plan, the dentist would prescribe a series of aligners that the patient would have to wear for a certain number of days. The dentist would change your aligners as your treatment progresses.

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