5 Things To Know Before Getting Veneers

Posted by DR. ERSOY on Nov 16 2019, 04:22 AM

5 Things To Know Before Getting Veneers

Veneers are great for your smile. Not only do they hide dental deformities of the mouth such as cracks, chips, and hardened stains restoring your teeth's function, but they also help bring back beauty and youthfulness to your smile. Although all has been said, many people still hold certain misconceptions about dental veneers.

These thin shells of porcelain hide issues of teeth such as gaps, severe discolorations, shape, and several other factors. Most patients are under the notion that the enamel doesn't support veneers, and that they needn't be cared for once set in place. 

In case you are interested in this cosmetic and restorative procedure to get a flawless smile, below is a few useful information that you can refer, to ensure that you are well informed about your options.

1. Veneers are never placed on the spot

It is essential to realize that placing dental veneers doesn't happen on the go, but requires a series of steps. It's not possible to expect that the patient would leave out of the office with an all-new smile on their first visit. The first visit is the essential step to finding out whether the patient is the right candidate for veneers. In some instances, veneers may not be the only solution to your dental problem. Ensure to speak to your dentist about the best ways to fix your teeth.

2. The new restoration would be made based on your specifications

An exciting feature of veneers is that they can be customized to suit your exact requirements. With the help of custom-built veneers, patients can hide teeth deformities, minimize, or get rid of them completely. The dentist would take account of certain factors of your teeth, such as enamel thickness, pulp tissue, and the bite. This would enable the dentist to produce well-crafted veneers that suit your face.

3. A perfect smile is the result of several trials

Before setting in your final veneers, the dentist would place temporary veneers in its place. They are placed with removable bonding material/cement and hence would inform the patient on how their smile is going to look. The process is quite easy and can be done quickly. 

4. Keeps the natural teeth, but it will be thinner and smaller

The process of placing your permanent veneers would involve removing a portion of your natural teeth. They would be reduced by slightly reshaping and resizing the enamel. The extent of how much enamel needs removal would vary among patients. 

5. The procedure is not that painful

Although there may be some discomfort during the procedure, the process involved in placing your custom veneers isn't that painful. The dentist would always numb the area of the gums where the procedure would be carried out. Even though the patient experiences sensitivity, it would subside in a few days.

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